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What in the world is the real estate market doing in North Conway ?

Greetings-  One of the questions I get asked the most while I am out hanging around the valley is what is really going on in the real estate market? Is it back? Is it stagnant? Are there buyers? Hmmm.. There are so many ways this answer can go.. The Mount Washington Valley and North Conway area in general seem to have steady sales right now. That said more than two times the number of homes is being listed daily vs. home that are selling. I would say there are a few issues I see here. 1) We do not have the price range and job market for plentiful first time home ownership.  2) There are still many listings from the top of the bubble being sold competing with listing bought before or after the top of the bubble- leading to a little glut.  3) The vacation homeownership market is not back in full force yet. 4) Many of the older homes on the market need updating. These are just my thoughts today..

Do you have questions about the Current Market Value of your home? Are you a buyer in the North Conway area and want to know if the homes your interested are overpriced? Contact me. Lets looks at some COMPS and see what the honest truth is and either get your property SOLD or make sure your BUYING a home that’s a value.


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North Conway Real Estate Market Update

Well it’s the winter in the Mount Washington Valley and the weather has not exactly been cooperating.  That said what can we do about the weather- nothing. What can we do to improve the Real Estate Market- plenty!! First let’s start out by congratulating Cranmore Mountain for introducing their new development Kearsarge Brook at Cranmore to the market last month. Certainly an exciting time. These luxury slope side units have the potential to improve not only the Cranmore area but the North Conway real estate market. The other condos around Cranmore have the potential benefit of being a very attractive lower priced alternative to what the Kearsarge Brook Condos are offering. From Cranmore Birches and Kearsarge Woods  to the Slope Side units already adjacent to the mountain there are plenty of alternatives for people. Since there is a limited residential area in downtown North Conway these condos around Cranmore give people a great place to vacation all seasons in the heart of the Mount Washington Valley.


Well- that’s the update. Please feel free to contact me, Beth Canter, with any questions you have about selling or buying real estate in the North Conway area. I live right downtown and know this area well. I would be happy help you look for a property that suits you if you are a buyer. If you are a seller, I pride myself on hard work and honesty. I am the broker and owner of my own company, Canter Real Estate so that I can always work for YOU, my customers & clients !!

The Elephant in the Room #why isn’t my house selling?

elephant-in-the-roomAlthough one might think Chris Christie is the Elephant in the Room in the Real Estate market it is ” Why isn’t my house selling”.. Maybe you realtor is not telling you the truth or you don’t want to believe it.. The truth is the prices are still too high for low end homes. I have noticed that in the Mount Washington Valley a started home is out of reach for most buyers. I have watched priced in southern New Hampshire and Northern Mass come down enough to be reasonable especially considering that the work available to people in that market area has higher base pay than in the North Conway Area. The vacation market of Real Estate from Jackson to Hales Location is fairly slow for homes under a certain price range.. What does this mean.. Well people with money still have money. They are not looking for a fixer-upper vacation home and that higher end market is affected but not as much. People who bought at the height of the market should be still looking at this time to take some type of a loss as the market is not back yet. When I am looking for a 150-200k home which there should be plenty of there are almost none. What there is available between 100-200k is a mess. The incomes in this area are not supporting that next tier of family homes and that is not a well sought after vacation home.

I am sorry- I know this is hard to hear, but homes here should not be costing more than in the southern NH and Boston Area. That is why our market is still so sluggish here. If there is a well priced home it goes fast.. Why? It is well priced. This is coming from experience. I Had a call from someone who I helped buy a home a few years ago looking to sell. They wanted to list far over what they paid and far over my recommended price based on the comps. I gave them what I though the list price should be. Needless to say they went with another agent. The house sat and sat for months. The price kept dropping and dropping. Now the price has gone lower than what I originally gave them and has gone under contract. Now- Has they listed for that lower range originally they would have sold faster closer to their price. They would have saved months of taxes, property maintenance fees, mortgage payments and hassle.

Why are people still doing this? Good question.. Is it because everyone watches Million Dollar Listing on Bravo and thinks that they have a million dollar home? Perhaps. Is it because everyone thinks that they know how to do a Realtors job better than the Realtor?? Perhaps.. The bottom line is everyone wants to make the most money that they can. Who doesn’t, but the reality is that there are comps for a reason and it is to get the right price for the home. The bank is not interested in loaning money on a home that is over valued and a buyer does not want to pay for that either. So sellers- Let’s take a look at some of those prices and see what the comps are..

If you want a professional opinion feel free to give me a call. It is what I do.

Why Use Canter Real Estate to Buy or Sell a home?

IMG_3737Canter Real Estate is a FULL SERVICE Real Estate company servicing the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire. I help people buy and sell property from Jackson to Tamworth and everywhere in between.

I have been a licensed REALTOR since 2002. I started working at Prudential Real Estate and then opened a Real Estate development brokerage with another agent. Wanting to focus on residential and vacation ownership I went out 100% on my own and opened Canter Real Estate. I chose to open my own brokerage so that “I ALWAYS WORK FOR YOU, MY CLIENTS”

Who is Canter Real Estate? It’s Beth Canter, Owner/Broker and all around everything here. I am a full time real estate agent, web site engineer, office administrator and mother of 2. I enjoy the Mount Washington Valley and all it has to offer and hope I can share some of that with the people I work with. When I am not working my kids and I are skiing, hiking, running and just enjoying this great area.

Let me help you find your real estate dream here in the valley.

Thanks for holding out for the new site !!

Thank you so much for waiting for me to get my new website up and running. I am hoping that I have made searching for a new property in the Mount Washington Valley will be a little easier and user friendly. Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions. Be gentle on me – I am building this on myself.