What in the world is the real estate market doing in North Conway ?

Greetings-  One of the questions I get asked the most while I am out hanging around the valley is what is really going on in the real estate market? Is it back? Is it stagnant? Are there buyers? Hmmm.. There are so many ways this answer can go.. The Mount Washington Valley and North Conway area in general seem to have steady sales right now. That said more than two times the number of homes is being listed daily vs. home that are selling. I would say there are a few issues I see here. 1) We do not have the price range and job market for plentiful first time home ownership.  2) There are still many listings from the top of the bubble being sold competing with listing bought before or after the top of the bubble- leading to a little glut.  3) The vacation homeownership market is not back in full force yet. 4) Many of the older homes on the market need updating. These are just my thoughts today..

Do you have questions about the Current Market Value of your home? Are you a buyer in the North Conway area and want to know if the homes your interested are overpriced? Contact me. Lets looks at some COMPS and see what the honest truth is and either get your property SOLD or make sure your BUYING a home that’s a value.


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